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Translation and French courses


From English and German into French

Specialized in economic translation as well as in technical translation in the domains of water, taps and bulk goods.


For texts polished until they shine


How may I help you?

Le mot juste, to always better communicate.



communicate better.


Entrust me with your translation from English and German into French. With a specialty in economy and marketing (banking, web, high-end perfumes, art) I am also well versed in technical translation (technical prospectus for professionals in the water, piping and bulk materials branches). Your documents will be translated depending on their nature and goal with the appropriately clear formulation.

Proof-reading, typography of the target language and local variations of the French language (Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, etc.)

  • economy (banking products)
  • marketing (web, high-end perfumery)
  • technical (water, taps, bulk goods)


That’s it, your text is written and ready to be sent. Or is it really? Entrust me with your text to clear any last minute doubt: be it for a personal production in French or a translated document I will put my eyes at your text’s service to spare you the embarrassment of an error that would have slipped into it without being invited.

  • proofreading
  • typography
  • regional variations of the French language
  • grammar courses (in French)
  • writing assistance (in French)

Sébastien Dumont-Roty

Cell: +33 6 61 22 88 82

Telephone: +49 681 68884710

Email: sebastien@lemotjuste.fr

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